.ENDAZE provides designs for yachts, work boats, and merchant vessels. Our design team has the ability to undertake all stages of ship design:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Exterior Styling
  • Interior Design
  • 3D Visualization and Animation
  • Initial Design
  • Basic Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Naval Architecture Calculations


Conceptual Design:

Conceptual design, along with need identification and analysis, make up the initial stage of the ship design process. Analysis of our clients needs transforms the sometimes vague statement of a design task into a set of design requirements. Conceptual design encompasses the generation of concepts and integration into system-level solutions, leading to a basic ship design.

Exterior Stying:

The shape of a all vessels produces its unique appearance. Whether its overall appearance is very homogenous or differentiated defines the impression the viewer gets.

The styling is worked out alongside the construction and guidelines of the naval architect to achieve a maximum of functionality and aesthetics without compromise.

Interior Design:

For the owners sense of well-being and the yachts overall usability, the interior design is as important as the technical architecture and the exterior. I put special emphasis on the harmonic confluence of all stylistic features. Being a professional industrial designer, we strive for a balanced solution merging esthetic and functional gain to its optimum.

Final interiors are constructed using state-of-the-art software technology, making it possible to transfer the designs directly to your CNC-based rapid manufacturing process. This gives highest accuracy of fit and allows for straightforward assemblage. If you prefer to work with conventional 2D-drawings, these can be provided as well.

3D Visualization and Animation:

It is possible to create a photorealistic representation of designs long before the manufacturing processs has started.

Not every client is able to imagine how a final interior will look like from looking at an 2-dimensionallayout drawing. In virtual reality you would be able to present him a highly realistic visual representation of the future design. For instance, one can make a cutaway view to show all segments and the overall interior structure from birds view. Imagine the costs of such a procedure in real-life: cut your finished prototype in two halfes and take a photo...

Another possibility are renderings that show the interior as if you would be situated in it actually - including realistic representation of lighting and materials. It is quite easy to change sorts of wood, upholstery and the lighting arrangement. Doing such changes in real-life would take lots of time and money. Give your client the opportunity to judge his future environment as realistically as possible and let him explore possibilities forehand.

Initial Design:

ENDAZE has the ability to convert the owner's dream into reality. At the early stages of the design our team determines the parameters that will form the basis for optimum ship dimensions, hull form development as well as propulsion system selection and auxiliary systems, according to the customer's requirements.

  • Owners requirements
  • Problem Definition
  • Conceptual Design
  • Initial G.A.
  • Sketches and 3D Rendering
  • Preliminary Specification

As well as:
Determination of main dimensions, Preliminary Hull-form design (Powering calculations), Preliminary Calculations (Stability, Damage Stability, Loading Conditions), Preliminary G.A. (Ergonomic Design and Preliminary Evacuation analysis), Preliminary Passenger Calculation and Payload Definition.

Basic Design:

After the initial design and with the agreement of the Owner, ENDAZE can then undertake the Basic Design including:

  • Finalization of G.A.,
  • Approving & purchasing main equipments,
  • Owner & Class approvals,
  • Interior design work,
  • Production planning,
  • Final Calculations
  • Loading Conditions,
  • Stability - Damage Stability Calculations,
  • Electric Load Balance,
  • Heat Balance plus all calculations required by the Class and Authorities,
  • Finalization of Specification and Shipbuilding Contract.

ENDAZE has also the ability to evaluate shipyards on cost, quality and production methods in order to assist the Owner on shipyard selection.

Detailed Design:

In ENDAZE, we prepare the optimum structural configuration of ship dimensions. Our aim is to optimize structures in terms of cost and weight while complying with Class and Administration rules. ENDAZE is also responsible for developing suitable structural configurations for workmanship, vibration and increased passenger comfort.

Detail engineering covers the following disciplines:

  • Hull - Deck outfitting - Interior - HVAC - Machinery - Electrical
  • Mid-ship section design - Typical transverse and longitudinal section details Ship structure design and preparation of general steel construction drawings Shell expansion and Profile and Decks design.
  • Engine room arrangement, foundation of main engine and other machinery equipment
  • Preparation of fore and aft structural details
  • Design of signal masts and crane columns
  • Design ramps for loading / unloading, hatch covers and special structure configurations.
  • Machinery Arrangement, Piping and Outfitting
  • ENDAZE has long experience on producing outfitting and one-line diagrams of the main and auxiliary engines of the ship as well as for all piping systems of the vessel. Our work is characterized by its principals on safety, ergonomic design and environmental protection.
  • Calculation of the equipment capacities and selection of equipment
  • Propeller and rudder design as well as shaft systems arrangement
  • Heat Balance calculations, Air Capacity calculations, Heating coil length
  • Design of ladder, railway, windlass-mooring arrangement and other deck equipment
  • Piping diagrams design
  • A/C calculations as well as design of exhaust and ventilation ducts
  • Preparation of ship-board manuals
    Fire and Safety plans for Class and Administration
  • Preparation of docking and painting plans
  • Pressure Drop calculations

Naval Architecture Calculations:

ENDAZE has a vast experience on ship stability (intact and damaged) calculations and naval architecture calculations. Our naval architects analyze, understand and adapt to changing and developing rules in ship design. Research and development is undertaken in order to develop new software for upcoming regulations.
Some of our services:

  • Preparation of ullage and sounding tables, tank capacities calculation
  • Calculation of hold capacities for trimmed and untrimmed ends, calculation heeling moment
  • Hydrostatic calculations, Cross curves and trim tables
  • Inclining experiment executing and preparation of the experiment report
  • Freeboard calculation
  • Trim & Stability calculations, Trim & stability booklet according to IMO
  • Damaged stability calculations for all kind of vessels (Deterministic and Probabilistic)
  • Allowable bending moments calculation and sheering forces
  • Longitudinal strength calculation
  • Loading manuals preparation
  • Cargo Securing Manual, Garbage Management